Tuesday, July 20, 2010

south dakota -day 2

waking up at circle view ranch.
petting the burros: baby burrito, mama and dusty.
catching grasshoppers-they were everywhere!
a little grass snake we came across.
the homesteading cabin.
checking out the outhouse.
inside: 2 beds, a table, sofa, wood burning stove and small kitchen.
view of the ranch from the homesteader.
sweet lucy.
look at that view!

ice cream at wall drug.

out back at wall drug-lots of fun stuff for the kids.the clouds were so fluffy!
more views of the badlands and the road we will take to go see buffalo.
prairie dog town.
our first buffalo!
buffalo crossing.
back to the homesteader.
night is coming.
we sat around the fire making s'mores, singing songs and looking at the stars. they were truly amazing-the kids couldn't believe how many there were!
good night

Sunday, July 18, 2010

south dakota-day 1

let the roadtrip begin!
a stop in mitchell, south dakota for a tour of the corn palace. all of the murals are made from different colored corn cobs and changed annually.
mount rushmore mural.
lucy kept asking if corny if he could talk and laughed each time he said "uhuh".
our first view of the badlands.

excited to be out of the car and running!

awesome views from the window trail.
rock climbers.
lucy and mommy.
the badlands are badass (our quote for the week).
being greeted by hank the ranch dog at b & b circle view ranch. lucy thought he was bootiful!
view from the ranch. the little homesteading cabin that we will stay in on the 2nd night is down by the river.
rainbow after the storm.
fiery sunset. what a beautiful way to end our first day!

Monday, July 12, 2010

4th of july!

we started out our fourth at the village fest.
out to gigi's lake to celebrate! the diving board was a popular spot.

jack jumping to kacie.
kacie touching her toes off of the board.
beautiful chloee.
charlie and jack.
friends gavin and addison.
lilly and lucy-no we didn't plan this.
h-man and sparklers.
henry and charlie checking out smoke bombs.
fireworks at the lake!